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Log in/posting instructions

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***For best results in terms of following instructions, executing research steps, and seeing comments, do not rely on a smart phone or small tablet when using this site. Use either a desktop or laptop computer. If your WSU network ID and password do not get you into the site, it is possible that a previous WSU authentication “token” somewhere in your browser is preventing you from logging in. To test this, enter your browser in “incognito” or “private browsing” mode. See this website for how to enter incognito/private browsing in most common web browsers. If you can log in while in private browsing/incognito mode, then the problem is an earlier WSU authentication token. You will then want to clear your browser history and cookies (remove website data) from the browser. Test this out early so that you do not miss any due dates.

In order to create a post, you will first need to log in to this website using the log in function listed in the “Meta” widget. Use your WSU network ID and password to log in.


To post (after you’ve logged in), select the “+ New” icon in the toolbar above, then click “post.” Be sure to click “publish” when you’re satisfied with your initial post.


Only create one post throughout this research process. To edit your post, select “edit post” in the toolbar above or go to your “Dashboard” and select edit from there. Be sure to click “update” after making any changes.dashboard:edit