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Final Project Checklist

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Step 1. Write or revise your concluding paragraph. It might be best to return to your initial contemporary hook to make some claims about how the history you’ve just narrated informs that example.

Step 2. Consult the sample final project for how your final project should appear.

  1. An appropriate title.
  2. A hook paragraph that introduces the topic using a contemporary example (research assignment 1).
  3. A thesis paragraph that makes a historical argument (research assignments 3 & 4).
  4. 6-8 well developed body paragraphs that make use of primary and secondary source analysis (research assignments 2, 3, & 4). At least 2 primary sources and at least 3 secondary sources (more are certainly encouraged!).
  5. Endnote citations throughout (minimum 10 and maximum 25 is ideal).
  6. Hyperlinks to each source (research assignment 5).
  7. At least three relevant visual primary sources, appropriately integrated and formatted into the project and cited in an illustrations section (research assignment #5).
  8. A concluding paragraph that reasserts your thesis and makes a claim as to why it is important to understand this history.