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Introduction to Digital History Project

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Rather than write a standard research essay, students will create digital history projects. Projects will include many of the things found in a standard essay, especially…

  • a thesis statement that offers a historical argument and an organizational framework for the narrative
  • historical evidence in support of the thesis, based on both primary and secondary sources, presented in a clearly defined chronological or thematic narrative
  • proper Chicago-style endnote citation of primary and secondary sources

But unlike conventional research essays, digital history projects will also make use of relevant visual evidence, including but not limited to…

  • historical photographs
  • historical video footage
  • maps
  • textual primary source images
  • hyperlinks to relevant sources

The digital history project will help students to…

  • Gain competency in digital presentation skills
  • Learn responsible use and interpretation of open-access news media, video, images, and digitized historical images and textual sources
  • Formulate historical questions, particularly questions about the past that inform and help to explain an issue of contemporary relevance
  • Explore historical research topics that are of a global nature, but that may seek to situate the United States in a global historical context
  • Develop historical narrative writing skills, including the use of evidence in support of a main argument that is historical in nature
  • Develop information literacy skills, including analysis of primary and secondary sources
  • Develop of technical literacy, using open access web-based publishing tools