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RA1 Foreigners In China.

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The legal discrimination consideration of so-called “unequal treaties” and the causes of international agreements are seen to discriminate between china and Foreigners.  There seems to have been no lack of china’s sovereignty in England. The Chinese public know of all the claims put forth by international equality in the “Land of Sinim.” China refused to be stampeded or carried away upon a wave of hysteria or sentiment, while England generous attitude toward the relationship they are residing. The writer writes to protest against the urging by missionaries of the abolition of “extra- territoriality”, on the ground that such action affects others. The second reason is to give examples of how Chinese laws operation in relation to any who do not enjoy the protection of extra- territoriality. This right was for foreigners outside their own country. The rights are negotiated by diplomats from more powerful countries. The example he gave was about a foreign business gentleman, a German (therefore not enjoying the protection of extra territoriality. One day he was walking to his office when suddenly he felt something struck him. When he turned he had saw the stone and a boy a short distance away. He walked over to the house and asked the policemen if he knew the father and the boy. Later on that day he wrote a letter to the father asking for his apologies on behalf of his son. Eight days later he was accused of having thrashed the boy to the point of death. Permission was released on the grounds that accused came under chinese law. He was taken away to be locked up in a small room, after a wait of two hours he was released upon the witness and was eventually dismissed when the police contributed his own evidence.


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