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With humans and the environment there were many issues with this. People have been cutting down trees since the 1800’s.[1] With this they are killing off wildlife and the environment that is helping the world. When cutting down trees, we are cutting off supplies to the wildlife and their homes and taking away oxygen from humans. With globalization connecting to deforestation because once people started settling in North America they started cutting down trees for the usage of building homes and for new resources.[2] There were mass numbers of trees getting cut down. People decided to cut down trees were a good idea because of the items they could make so it started becoming a business and soon many trees were getting cut down. With this deforestation is a problem all around the world but in the main case a very big problem is in Brazil the Amazon forest because they are destroying the land, taking away resources for animals, and making it harder for them to live and for them to have homes.                                    There are many ways on how deforestation can happen. This is including natural deforestation which is caused by natural resources, the weather being too hot, too cold or too dry. If the area is too dry a problem that usually happens are fires. With fires happening they destroy the land because it is so dry and hot that there is no water or anything to stop it. The reason this is natural deforestation because no human has anything to do with this. Also because the plants/trees are going to slowly grow back. With deforestation it is because of humans and the plants/ trees do not slowly grow back.                                                                                                                                                                       There are many problems that are wrong with deforestation. Deforestation wasn’t a huge problem in the 1800’s because not many people decided to cut down trees. But then deforestation became a big problem in major forest areas including the Amazon in Brazil. The major deforestation started in the late 1960’s even knows this is not when it began. With this the Amazon was [3] “approximately 40% of Brazilian Territory and is a region with a low population density” Not caring about the population or any other part of the amazon, people didn’t realize what was going to happen in the future. There are many problems with deforestation in the Amazon, many people did not realize that there was a problem because they did not know the affects it had on the rain forest. Including killing animals homes, killing animals and making it hard for other objects to grow in the forests. With removing parts of the Amazon including the tress, we are destroying the parts in the world that are needed for human and for animals to live including oxygen. There is also a serious climate change with this happening including the Amazon basin was being accelerated by the Brazilian government [4] “which often suffers from severe drought and to open territory for development” With this removing some of the Amazon forest there is a climate change and many things end up changing because people want to take away the land so they can build homes, they need the wood from the trees for many things, building objects for example homes, tables, chairs.

Map of Brazil showing the rain forest

With mankind being known well for deforestation there are many problems [5] “it is not until a man’s pocket book is touched that he becomes aware of the existing danger” This is showing that not until deforestation was a ‘huge’ issue that people cared. Once deforestation started becoming a bigger issue many people started to worry and try and fix this issue because it was destroying the Amazon Forest.                                                                                                                                 With Deforestation there are many horrible things that come out of it. For instance killing off trees/plants, but with killing off theses they are also killing off what the animals have. They are taking away there homes, taking away the places they hide.[6] There are many problems caused by this because with us destroying the habitat the animals live in there is no where for them to live. With people building houses the animals will start to wonder and try and live where the humans live which is not a good idea.[7] There are many animals that are killed throughout the years because of deforestation and their homes being destroyed and they wouldn’t be able to live with out their homes.

Continuing with deforestation [6] “nearly 70 percent of the forests have high population are now down 10 percent in the last 30 years” this is the amount of forest that are being destroyed  ans how many animals and how much the population of animals, plants and specific things that we need in the world.

 there are many different types of issues that come with deforestation because they are killing many things.

All in all there are many problems with deforestation in the world. Causing many issues with that is happening and how many animals, trees, and plans are being ruined. Deforestation has been happeining for many years and is still continuing to this day.

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