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Hook: North Korea filed fifth missile on October 16th 2016, but this missile was not succeed. Also the US strategic commander said that missile did not provoked US at all. That type of missile can reach to Guam and Western Pacific. On August, North Korea fired missile into Japanese ocean. That kind of activities are provocation for declaring war. Their missile was not successful despite North Korea celebrate because they announced to citizen that they succeed their missile experiment. The US strategic command said North Korea is being isolate from other countries and rebel to UN. Also, he said those prohibited acts making more attention to resolve their problem. However, North Korea did not respond after missile experiment.


thesis: Humans have evolved for a long time. As mankind settled down in one place, the group grew up and developed as a result of the struggle. For more than thousands of years, humans have fought a lot, thereby showing strength, money, and power. In this era, physical warfare is not necessary because it can easily compromise negotiations and intimidation with nuclear weapons. Many countries want to develop nuclear weapons, but they are stepping aside for world peace, except one country. North Korea was not interested about nuclear weapons before 1950s; however, from lots of war experience and trade experience, North Korea wants to build nuclear weapons. North Korea is making nuclear weapons with people’s money and exploitation of labor and they want the attention and power from other countries.

Paragraph #2: The history of nuclear weapon

In former days, a country that fought well and is good at war was powerful country, but nowadays’ technology does not need physical force. These days, nuclear weapons are the strongest weapons and the most influential ones. With a single button, we can wipe the nation out of the country. Therefore, there is a huge brain fight between many countries. This huge nuclear weapon was first tested in 1945, the Second World War was going on. Dr. Einstein defected to the United States in 1933 to escape the German Nazi and he thought United States should make nuclear weapons earlier than Germany [3]. Because Germany was developing nuclear weapons, and Germany was the strongest. Many scientists and Jewish scientists in the United States launched the ” Manhattan Project” [3]. That project was succeed. It was the first time in Hiroshima that a nuclear weapon was used in the war. Because of this use of nuclear weapon, many countries wanted to have nuclear weapons, and the Soviet Union wanted more because of the cold war [3]. Thus, the Soviet Union developed nuclear weapons quickly and succeeded in developing stronger nuclear weapons than the United States, followed by Britain, France, and China were succeed to develop nuclear weapon [3].


Paragraph #3: When and why North Korea started to make nuclear weapon? What was the trigger for North Korea started to built nuclear weapon?

U.S. and other countries have begun developing nuclear weapons. Many countries wanted to strengthen their nuclear weapons program, but they decided to take steps to make peace for the sake of peace and build an International Atomic Energy Agency in 1956. Since then, North Korea has begun engaging in a friendly relationship between the Soviet Union and North Korea has developed nuclear weapons program with Soviet union’s nuclear technology and scientists. There is no exact reason why North Korea has nuclear weapons, but everyone has a weapon to protect themselves or something when it comes to protecting themselves. Therefore, North Korea needs a powerful weapon for its own isolated country.

Paragraph #4: North Korea supposed to give up their nuclear weapons but they kept ignore to enhance their weapons. North Korea is keep getting problems with other countries to making their weapons.

North Korea may have seen nuclear weapons from other countries. They will know how powerful and influential the nuclear weapons are. North Korea is the only isolated country. Kim Jong-il and his family are killing the people for themselves. They are building nuclear weapons for the purpose of Kim Jong-il and his family. Nuclear weapons are for their economic and political strength. Even though North Korea’s economy is falling apart, North Korea is making nuclear weapons with expensive ingredients. The money would have brought a much better result if the money had contributed to the recovery of the country. Especially, Kim Jong-un uses nuclear weapons as a weapon to enhance his leadership or get help from the international societies. Nuclear weapon became political weapons instead of war weapons.

Paragraph #5: Outside reasons and what happened in 1950s

The Korean War was fought on June 25, 1950 by the North Korean army. The peninsula divided by two parts of Korea peninsula, after Japan lost in World War II, the United States and Soviet Union were controlled over two parts of Korea [6].


Paragraph #6: In these days, North Korea is making and developing their missiles and nuclear bombs. North Korea’s desire to launch nuclear bomb was not these day’s dream and this is one of the political result as a product of the cold war. Many people are interested in North Korea’s nuclear experiments and their news. North Korea’s desire of nuclear bomb was started after cold war; however, North Korea did trade with other countries to make money. Many countries, such as British, Hong Kong, Filipino, Norwegian, communist countries, were came to Konam ad Chinnampo port at North Korea to trade manufactured good, raw materials, and food. North Korea made huge money by exporting goods and they exchanged good for ammonium sulphate and graphite. The irony is that, “… like many business men in Shanghai, including Americans, are clearly eager to carry on trade with the Communist. … In both American traders have manifested concern that the British would get the jump on them. Meanwhile British business men appear to be concerned lest “cold war” politics interfere with trade in Northeast Asia” [2]. Many non-communist countries wanted to trade with communist country , North Korea. That saved money could serve as a stepping stone for future missile and nuclear bomb making.


Conclusion: North Korea is put a lot of effort on nuclear weapon project, same time they are push themselves in international problems.


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Geographic focus: North Korea, South Korea, United States, Korea peninsula Search terms: North Korea and nuclear*, “North Korea”, North Korea and nuclear bomb. Primary Source Database: JSTOR, SearchIt Primary Source Search Date Limiter: 1980-present Historical Research Questions: What if North Korea did not involved between cold war and trade, do they still available to made nuclear bomb?