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Hook: In now days, the biggest world problem is terrorism. Terrorism is cruel, merciless and dangerous. One of the biggest issue in these days was Paris Attack. In Paris, France, 13 November 2015, a suicide bombing was conducted by Islamic State. The terrorists armed with gun and attacked 6 different place at same time. The French president was watching the soccer match but after he got notice about the terror, he immediately declared a state of emergency, mobilized the military and tightened border controls. [1] However, this incident brought more than 130 people died and about 300 people wounded.

Thesis paragraph

In now days, terrors are frequently happened. Terrorism is a extremely bad and wrong expression. Terrorism was done when terrorists wanted to get what they wanted, and now terrorism became as the biggest problem in whole world. Recently there was a big terror in Paris. This Paris attack is seen as the work of terrorist group of Muslims which is IS. The reason why the terrorist attack the city Paris, because Paris is a big and famous city, so they want to give their messages to worldwide and other reason is historical background. The terror in France can be one of the legacy of French imperialism.

Imperialism is somewhat similar to colonialim. Basically, they both want to expand more land, moreover completely control other countries by invading. According to the book ‘Voices of Decolonization: A brief History with document’ by Todd Shepard, “The late nineteenth century had witnessed the reinvigoration of assertions by political leaders and pundits throughout Europe that their countries should seek to control and govern other areas of the globe. This process of building or expanding an empire is called imperialism” [2]. However, post-1860s era called new imperialism [2]. Many countries seized and control other countries for example, Japan conquered Korea and Taiwan from1876 to1910 and America controlled Philippines in 1898. [2] The motivation for activating imperialism is Industrial Revolution. Due to the Industrial Revolution, countries needed lots of other colonies to have more supplies and storage. Imperialism was activated from the end of the 19th century to the early 20th century.

Most of the Algerian who lived in France, mostly those of who supported French side when they were belongs to French or people who does not uninterested in the Algerian movement. When they gained citizenship in France after Algerian independence and settled in France. [3] Although they seem they have good relationship now, but some of Algerian people still have a bad feeling in France. So it brought small and big terrorism is happening frequently in France.

French invade Algeria in 1830 and Algeria became colony of French. Algeria, which was persecuted, wanted independence so they began armed and build FNL (Front de Libération Nationale) to fight with France in 1945.[4] In order to prevent this, France increased its troops to stop the Algerian and this expanded to the Algerian war. This is being recorded as hard and bloody independent war. FNL continued to fight against French and eventually gained independence in 1962.  Since Algeria is a Muslim country, so far France and Muslims have a not good relationship. This kind of historical background makes French to have through many terrors by Muslims and Algerian.

Paragraph #6: The relationship between France and Algeria is not so good. Because of that relationship, France experienced many terrors by Algerian and Muslims. As shown on the newspaper, there were many terrorist attacks in France from 1956 to 1960, resulting in many casualties and injuries; “A balance sheet of dead and wounded in five years of terrorist attacks in France attributed to Algerian nationalists- 2,998 killed and 7,287 wounded- was published today by the French News Agency on the basis of semiofficial figures. [5] Most of the victims were Muslim Algerians who living in France. 2,971 of Muslims, 88 of European Civilians, and 39 soldiers or policeman died because of attack. The attacks divided into two categories; disciplinary and terrorist. “In the first category are the virtual gang battles between agents of the national Liberation Front, the dominant nationalist organization in Algeria, and the Algerian national Movement, strong among Algerians working in France” [5]

Conclusion: French and Algerian or Muslims have bad relationship after colonization and it brought many kind of terrors in France.


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Geographic focus: France, Algeria, Muslim countries

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Historical Research Questions: Why people have interested about relationship between France and Algeria? Why many Algerian or Muslims still live in France?