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David Bingham

History 105


in a Article i found it was a newspaper article pressed out in 1969 explaining because of apartheid Black south African soccer stars are pushed out of country and forced to play somewhere else. when interviewed the South African soccer stars desired to play for their home country but because of theses harsh laws from apartheid have made it impossible to do so. When asking the stars about playing they said it represents more than just the game to play for south Africa but a sign of strength and gratitude they have for their homeland. But because of Apartheid FIFA, has penalized their country for the wrongs and now they have to leave and find their chance somewhere else. This creating a decline in winnings and performing better at the world cup for south Africa. not just affecting their team but economy in less money being brought in from the team because of less support.



Hook: From 1960 to 1994 Apartheid in South Africa created the world to take a stand a change the world for better.


Thesis: Because of the the consequences handed out by FIFA to South Africa from 1965 to  in the  it created an effect across the world in the racism, discrimination, and inequality around the world.


Paragraph 3-  Ananlysis of first consquences handed out by FIFA for apartheid


Paragraph 4- how this affected the economy in South Africa


Paragraph 5- analyze how America and Europe reacted to apartheid in South Africa


Paragraph 6- Lead into shooting of 1970 in south africa expelled from olympics creating uproar to america and europe


Paragraph 7-  The sounds of south africa and white and black athletes and how its affected them in life as well as well playing and representing their country


Paragraph 8- how the world and south africa worked together to break this rule and boundaries and open sports to equality in south africa


Conclusion- Why the decisions and FIFA voting to discipline south africa help bring apartheid to an end in 1994




[1] Staff Reporter, Apartheid: The political influence of sport, ( Jan 16, 2007,)


[2] Not said , Policy of Apartheid Blocking Soccer in South Africa: Black African Stars Are Forced to Play in Other Countries Many Still Express Desire to Compete in Own Homeland (NEW York: ,1969), S29


Geographic Focus


America, Europe, South Africa


Search terms: African Racism, and sports


Historical question: What role did FIFA play in helping advocate and stop Apartheid in South Africa and making sports a way to bring out equality and free disrimination?