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Drugs are becoming a huge problem in the Philippines, with officials not exactly sure where its coming from, they think they have a couple ideas one being planes are bringing drugs into the country [1}. With the drug prices so low the drugs are practically available for anyone trying to get them. With government officials worrying about this continuing to grow as a problem throughout the Philippines something has to change, on March 15th 1980 in the capital of Manila the Philippines imposed the death penalty for the maximum sentence for drug trafficking, whether it be manufacturing the drugs or importing them [2]. We will also look at the affects that World War II and The Cold War had on global drug manufacturing and and distribution.


Thesis: The Government of the Philippines needs to get the drug problem in their country under control. They need to do this either by creating laws to incriminate drug users and suppliers, or groups and teams set up by government officials designated to investigate where the drugs are coming in and catch the traffickers. We will also look at the impact of foreign policy on the world drug problem.


Paragraph #3: Analysis of where theses drugs are being brought into the Philippines and by who [1]


Paragraph #4: Analysis of who is buying the drugs, adults, youth and so on


Paragraph #5: Analysis of Philippines laws regarding distribution and manufacturing of drugs


Paragraph #6: Analysis of Philippines laws regarding distribution of drugs to minors [4]


Paragraph #7: Analysis of the impact of World War II on drug manufacturing and distribution around the world [5]



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Geographic focus: Philippines (Manila)


Search terms: Drug*, Manila, Duarte, Asia, Opium, U.S. Foreign Policy


Primary Source Database: New York Times Service

Primary Source Search Date Limiter: Before 1980


Historical Research Question: Will the new laws that surfaced around the 1980s by President Marcos; such as putting drug crimes as punishable by death going to begin to clean up the drug problem the Philippines is facing.