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HISTORY 105, SECTION 21 – Clif Stratton – Spring 2018 History 105


Download PDF

…to the digital history website for History 105. This is where you will complete your major research project for this class.

You need not go through Blackboard every time you wish to access this site. Simply bookmark it as you would any webpage for quick reference. Use your WSU Network ID and password to login (login top of right-hand navigation; login instructions top of left-hand navigation).

Instructions for each research assignment are available on the left, and samples for each research assignment (examples of what yours ought to look like at each stage) are available on the right, along with research and writing guides.

Comments on your post (you should only have one post throughout the entire semester that you revise at each stage of the research process) will appear immediately below the post itself, just as you might read comments below a Facebook post, Tweet, or YouTube video. To view these comments, you will need to be in “view” rather than “edit” mode for your post.

You are welcome to reply to comments, but know that I currently do not have a way to get notifications of new comments. As such, it is likely that I will miss it. Best to email directly.

Again, welcome. I look forward to seeing how each of you develop your projects.